European Mental Health Week 2021

A couple of reports caught Madame Papillon’s eye during European Mental Health Week (10 – 16 May).

One was a report cited by the Belgian media in which a 40% increase in depression and burnout was noted in the past four years. The report showed that women represent more than two thirds of the 111 732 people in depression or burnout in Belgium at the end of 2020.

The second was a EUROFOUND Living: Working and COVID-19 survey, which was presented during the European Commission’s Mental Health and the Pandemic conference and notes that mental wellbeing is, perhaps unsurprisingly, at its lowest across all age groups since the beginning of the pandemic.

Burnout is a phenomenon that was increasing even before the pandemic hit, but now it is clear that the combined impact of modern life and a health crisis is raising stress beyond manageable levels.

It’s about time a project was launched to support women who find themselves in this situation…

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