Burnout Trending

As rates rise and people either experience it themselves, or see it in people around them, awareness of burnout is growing.

The ‘classic’ form of burnout is professional burnout – and the categorisation of symptoms is well established: mental and physical exhaustion, accompanied by detachment from work and reduced efficiency. Since this is a phenomenon that results from prolonged exposure to stress however, other forms of burnout are increasingly being recognised, from parental burnout to pandemic burnout. If you are stressed for whatever reason for long enough, you crack.

This common factor, the stress, and how to manage it, is where we need to focus if we want a future without burnout.

Managing stress can be as simple as remembering to take a long deep breath, and as complicated as year long training on multiple stress-management tools, but everyone can find something that works for them, and we can help you.

At Madame Papillon we believe that burnout, although painful, can lead to better things. A realisation that stress needs to be managed in a way that allows you to work and live successfully, in balance, can mean practical changes to your life can be made. Come and talk to us if you’re ready to deal with that stress.

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