Who in the World Can Help?

One striking thing about burnout is that on top of the feeling that you will never feel able to do anything ever again, is the feeling that nobody has ever felt this way before or could possibly understand what’s going on with you.

In fact, not only are increasing numbers of people hitting the wall and feeling exactly the kind of mental and physical exhaustion burnout involves, but there is a wide range of people and services who are able to help.

With Madame Papillon, we always wanted to complement rather than replace the essential psycho-medical support any woman going through burnout should reach out to for support. We also wanted to be able to offer information on all the kinds of possible support a woman might find useful, and have it in one place, which is why we have started pages of links to authorities and other structures offering practical support and to people who offer services linked to wellbeing.

Because helpful resources come in many forms, we have separated the ones that you can read, the ones that you can listen to, and the ones that you can watch.

We know that an important element of feeling less alone is being able to hear about others’ experiences and so we have also started collecting the stories of women who have been through burnout.

These resources are being added to every day, but despite our months of research and personal contacts, we do not necessarily know every resource out there. If you are in Brussels and have been helped by someone who is not mentioned on these pages, or you are someone who works with people in burnout in Belgium and would like to be included, please get in touch and we will be happy to add the information.

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