Well, it finally got us. 18 months into this pandemic, and we finally got hit. A poorly-managed scout camp meant that a scout returned with Covid-19 and put the rest of us into isolation.

One benefit of being in this situation now, is that we knew exactly what we needed to do. There are well-established websites to consult, a timeline of events to follow and we adults have the benefit of being vaccinated so a level of protection is in place already.

In contrast, when burnout hits, people often feel totally lost. It is a road of discovery – finding out which structures might help, trying to establish the path someone might follow towards recovery and unfortunately there is no vaccination other than awareness and active stress-management.

We want to help provide a roadmap for this scary experience – point you towards the resources that can help, demonstrate that people can and do recover, and help raise awareness in the hope this this protects others from finding themselves in burnout.

The Madame Papillon roadmap to burnout recovery
La feuille de route de Madame Papillon

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