Open and Ready

On 8 October, we gathered a group of women together to present Madame Papillon plans and officially open our activities. It was so wonderful to feel the support in the room and share our energy to really get going.

If you missed it, I, Rebecca Steel-Jasinska, presented the ideas behind the project, my own personal burnout experience and the main experiences of feeling lost, isolated and a loss of self-confidence. I talked about the development of the project, the name and its meaning, and then the activities we are offering, to address those feelings that women in burnout experience. Personal coaching will accompany women towards resources they can use to anchor themselves; discussion groups and access to a community of women with similar experiences will help to break their isolation; and workshops linked to creativity and wellbeing will help them to boost their confidence levels.

Ikram Tahere then presented the French speaking groupe de paroles in more detail, and Cayetana Carrion presented the creative writing and bookmaking workshops.

Registration is open for all our upcoming activities so check out our agenda and sign up!

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