What’s Restorative Yoga all About?

Restorative Yoga

Burnout is the result of sustained stress that has not been successfully managed. In order to recover from burnout, you need to allow your body to recover from this overdose of stress as well as finding ways of managing stress in the future, so that burnout stays away for good.

Yoga is often cited as a wonderful way to focus the mind and body – reconnect your mental with your physical – but what kind of yoga is going to help women who are close to, or actually going through burnout?

We would like to introduce you to restorative yoga.

Restorative yoga calms the body and slows the mind. The practice focuses on relaxation as an antidote to stress and its harmful consequences. Here, there is no stretching or muscular effort in the way you may associate with other yoga practises you have tried, but gentle and sustained postures that invite relaxation and mobilise the regenerative functions of the body. Because it helps to rebalance the nervous system, restorative yoga is a powerful practice for dealing with burnout.

We are offering a mini series of restorative yoga to allow women to discover the benefits and become familiar with the basics. Participants will learn how to set up a daily mini-practice at home with the intention of finding within oneself the calm and grounding necessary to move forward towards a life in which stress is managed successfully.

When you are ready, get in touch and let us help you relax.

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