Start 2022 with a story

Storytelling is so much part of our life that we barely notice when we come across stories. Every time you recount an event to a friend, you are telling a story; every time you ask how a family member passed her day, you are asking to hear one. Stories come with characters; people with values and assumptions and emotions. Stories come with experiences and feelings.

Stories are powerful because we hear our own stories in those of others. The group discussions we have been having in Madame Papillon about burnout experiences are showing members of the group that not only are they not alone; their stories are resonating with others; but that in the sharing of experiences and listening to the lessons others have learned, they are gaining new perspectives and shifting their own expectations.

In our creative writing and bookmaking series, starting on Friday 14th January, we are going to be creating stories together – using our creativity to turn our experiences into stories to share; building links with others who will then in turn enrich these stories, and creating something physical and beautiful through which to share these stories.

There are only a couple of places left, so why not start 2022 with a story?

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