La Rentrée

How was your summer? It’s the question of the moment, but how are you answering?

‘Great! Really had a chance to disconnect…’ ?
‘Oh you know, the kids were a handful but we survived’ ?
‘It was so good, but already feels so long ago!’ ?

Some people are keen to get back into a more regular rhythm, others are counting down the days to the next getaway, and yet others are wondering how they can feel so exhausted after a period of time that is supposed to allow everyone to feel refreshed, recharged, ready.

If you haven’t had a chance, the time and space or the motivation, to reflect on how you are…

If burnout has been part of your life at one stage or another…

If you are free in the morning of Thursday 15th September…

Madame Papillon would like to offer you a moment to walk and talk.

There is nothing to prepare. There is nothing you need to bring. You come and meet a handful of other women. You take a walk surrounded by green and you talk as much, or as little, as you wish. You breathe in the air, you listen to the conversation around you. You ask yourself, how am I? really? How was my summer?

RSVP if you can please, so we know who to expect.

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