Walk and Talk

We called it walk and talk because that describes what it is, but actually you don’t have to do either.

The walk part is to encourage us all to move our bodies. When we’re exhausted we are not necessarily ready for an intense workout session, but moving out of our buzzing heads and into our bodies is a positive step. Movement can be slow, and we can stop whenever someone needs. Slow walkers, wheelchair users, the real benefit of this ‘walk’ is the contact with one another and the green space around us.

Madame Papillon provides this as a space to talk, if that’s what would help you in your burnout recovery right now, but again, this is not a demand that is required of you if you are not comfortable with it. You can ask questions, listen to others – there is no pressure to tell us everything, but you can share if you choose.

The ultimate aim of this walk and talk is to give yourself a moment to focus on you and your needs. To take a moment out of your daily routine to focus on burnout and your recovery.

If you are a women touched by burnout and this sounds like something that could help; if you are a woman interested to learn more about Madame Papillon; if you are a woman who would like a moment for herself in her busy day in a supportive environment, join us this Friday lunchtime.

Join the Madame Papillon facebook group or contact us for more details.

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