Sun, Sea and Sand

I was lucky enough to visit my brother in and around Vancouver this summer. The towering mountains, the vast Pacific ocean, the endless forests… while we were there nature was not just present, but totally magnificently overpowering.

I know being in nature is good for us – and I know holidays are a welcome break from the day to day hustle, but feeling the open spaces and hearing the waves crashing and just stopping and paying attention to the marvels of the natural world made me think there must be something I can do, even living in Brussels, to bring nature into my life more on a day to day basis and feel that benefit all year round.

At Madame Papillon, we organise a monthly walk and talk based on the simple concept that at every stage of burnout recovery talking to others who understand what you’re going through can be a massive help. The only thing that can make talking to others better is doing so while moving in a relaxed, calm, green environment; so our walks and talks are held in the parks and woods around Brussels.

Another thing I have tried in the past is holding meetings, coaching sessions or even calls outside rather than in an office space. This takes a little preparation and extra effort to begin with but it is so worth it. It’s amazing how much more productive and creative you can be when you open yourself up to inspiration from new surroundings and you move your body rather than sitting at a meeting table or behind a desk. 

There are small things that can help as well. If you have a garden, balcony or window sill, getting out into those green leaves can change a short break into more of a green energy boost.

Otherwise, if you cannot get out to nature, you can always bring nature to you. A well placed pot plant; a flower in a vase to make you smile. You are worth it. Looking at these photos I am flooded with the memories and feelings of all that light, air and space. I think getting them famed for my desk will help extend my holiday just that little bit longer. 

Do you make the effort to bring nature into your daily life? What other ways have you found to get more green into your undoubtedly busy schedule?

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