Beans and Butterflies

As my burnout recovery got going, I wanted to contribute to something meaningful and get myself out of my internally-focused ruminating. That’s when I pushed open the door of Haricot Magique and offered my services to Rachida, the energetic fireball who has been running the Baby Cafe for the last three years. She listened toContinue reading “Beans and Butterflies”

Sommet – Femmes en Burnout

A couple of weeks ago I attended quite a few sessions of an online conference on women in burnout. The conference was organised by a French coach, Claire Jardin-Menard and included all manner of people who had either been through burnout and used that experience to inform their future career choice (such as marketing directorContinue reading “Sommet – Femmes en Burnout”

What’s Restorative Yoga all About?

Burnout is the result of sustained stress that has not been successfully managed. In order to recover from burnout, you need to allow your body to recover from this overdose of stress as well as finding ways of managing stress in the future, so that burnout stays away for good. Yoga is often cited asContinue reading “What’s Restorative Yoga all About?”