Women in Burnout

If you are a woman in Brussels who is in, has been through or is trying to escape burnout, you are perfect for the Madame Papillon community!

The community benefits from a truly interdisciplinary network working to support women in burnout.

The community is open to all women in Brussels who have been touched by burnout.

What can the Madame Papillon community do for me?



Our agenda page brings together all events that you may be interested in attending.

From free support groups to activities developed by our wellbeing and creative professionals, you should find something to support your journey through burnout and beyond.


Our facebook group is a safe space for exchange between Brussels women who have been through burnout.

How can I contribute to the Madame Papillon community?


Madame Papillon is an association run by volunteers, with the running costs currently covered by donations and the membership of wellbeing and creative professionals.

If you like what the association is doing and you are in a position to support our work financially, all donations are gratefully received and will be used responsibly.


IBAN: BE66 5230 8144 7743


If you take part in a Madame Papillon activity and it helps you in some way, please spread the word.

Follow us on social media; share our website and resources with your friends and colleagues; and talk about us to those around you.

If you would like to volunteer some time for the association, please get in touch.