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Madame Papillon ExchangeEach week join someone from the Madame Papillon team in a relaxed online space.

Whether you want to ask questions about burnout, share resources you have found useful or hear others’ burnout stories, every woman is welcome!

No registration, no preparation – absolutely free.

Get in touch for the link.

Chaque semaine, rejoignez une personne de l’équipe Madame Papillon dans un espace en ligne décontracté.

Que vous souhaitiez poser des questions sur l’épuisement professionnel, partager des ressources que vous avez trouvées utiles ou entendre les histoires de burnout d’autres personnes, toutes les femmes sont les bienvenues !

Aucune inscription, aucune préparation – absolument gratuit.

Contactez-nous pour le lien.
12 middayOnline
Optimise your Sleep Mini SeriesHow rested do you feel in the morning? How energised do you feel throughout the day? And how easy is it for you to fall asleep?

If you are struggling with waking up in the morning, staying awake during the day or falling and staying asleep throughout the night, then this programme on how to optimise sleep is for you.

Sleep is the foundation of our health and wellbeing but it is often pushed down our list of priorities. The ‘Optimise your Sleep’ mini series will help you take ownership of your sleep and make it a priority, in three parts.

A ‘Sleep Fundamentals’ masterclass (8 March 10h30-15h30) will lay the foundations and fundamentals of sleep and will help you identify concrete sleep strategies to put into practice
A follow-up ‘Sleep Consolidation’ workshop (15 March 15h – 16h30) will allow you to follow-up on your progress, review your sleep commitments and get further support
A One-on-One Coaching Session (1 hour) will help you to tackle any individual obstacles related to sleep. 

More details:
In the ‘Sleep Fundamentals’ masterclass (4 hours) you will:
– Get a good understanding of sleep and its importance
– Understand the science of sleep, sleep cycles and the impact of sleep deprivation
– Learn how to prioritise your sleep in order to benefit your overall well-being
– Identify sleep enemies and how to overcome them
– Explore and identify concrete strategies to improve your sleep
– Learn how to deal with insomnia 
– Make a commitment to apply the identified sleep strategies

In the ‘Sleep Consolidation’ workshop (1.5 hours) you will:
– Review the sleep strategies and commitments that you identified in the previous session
– Reflect on your progress with kindness to yourself
– Tackle any obstacles you may have encountered
– Identify new strategies, if necessary
– Get support

The One-on-One Coaching session (1 hours) will provide you with a confidential space in which you can address any specific issues that you may have in relation to your sleep or the commitments that you took. The coaching session will be conducted according to the standards and ethics of the International Coaching Federation. The session will include a goal-oriented conversation, questions addressed to you by the coach, and actions and/or awareness that you will identify based on the coaching conversation.

The mini series ‘Optimise your sleep’, will be delivered via Zoom by Gabriela D. Spencer, Life and Executive Professional Coach, specialising in overall well-being, be it physical, emotional, social, work related and even spiritual.

To register, please contact Madame Papillon at

After your registration, you will be asked to fill-out an online questionnaire about the current sleep issues you are facing and your expectations. Your identity will be kept confidential and your responses will be used to better match the content of the programme with your needs. 

Participation: 120 euros

About the trainer
Following a major burn-out that shook her convictions and her life, Gabriela decided to change her career path to Life and Executive coaching, training and facilitation, specialising in overall well-being. Besides coaching and training, Gabriela also facilitates laughter yoga sessions, in order to support mental and physical health through the practice of intentional laughter. Gabriela works mainly with expats women in Belgium or overseas, and speaks English, French and Romanian. Her interests include positive psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, burn-out prevention, stress management and connecting with one’s inner child.
More about Gabriela D. Spencer:
Creative Writing and Bookmaking workshopThe writing and bookmaking workshops, with Cayetana Carrion, will contribute to restoring self-confidence through rituals, creativity and self-expression. Women who have been through burnout will be able to offer themselves a gift – turning an experience into something beautiful with a physical form.

Participants are expected to commit to the whole programme of six two-hour sessions, three Fridays in January 2022 and three in February 2022.

Participation costs 40 euros per session.
Laughter Yoga WorkshopReduce stress and cultivate positive emotions with Laughter Yoga

Did you know that your laughter is a powerful wellbeing tool, enabling you to reduce stress and anxiety? How often do you laugh? Probably not that often, after all we are living in difficult times and there does not seem to be that many reasons to laugh about. And how many times did you laugh today? Probably not much, perhaps three to five times, if any.

Did you know that children can laugh up to 200 times a day, whilst adults barely laugh 20 times a day? From stress reduction to immunity boosting, your laughter comes with many health benefits. The Positive Psychology encourages us to cultivate the positive emotions and as a result our wellbeing, creativity & innovation will increase. One of the ways to increase your positive emotions is to simply laugh. 

In this workshop, 
– You will learn the benefits of laughter
– You will experience intentional and natural laughter through the practice of laughter yoga

What to expect?
✔︎- A safe space to let go
✔︎- Friendly atmosphere
– Breathing techniques
– Laughter stimulating exercises 
– Clapping & Dancing 
– Laughter meditation (yes, there is such a thing)
– Guided relaxation at the end

Duration: 1,5 hours
Price: 20 euro

About the facilitator: Gabriela D. Spencer is a professional certified coach, trainer and a laughter yoga facilitator. She previously worked in IT project management until she realised that ‘supporting others to help themselves’ and achieving work-life balance were more important to her. Her interests include positive psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, burn-out prevention, stress management, wellbeing and connecting with one’s inner child. 
Groupe de Parole – FrançaisA travers les groupes de parole, vous pourriez partager vos expériences, échanger des outils et créer des liens pour augmenter votre résilience, avec des autres femmes qui traversent un burnout. Le groupe sera accompagné par Ikram Tahere, psychologue.

Prix: 35 euro par séance.
Burnout Discussion GroupsA series of six sessions
Accompanied by Psychologist Lydia Castiglione

14/01, 28/01, 11/02, 25/02, 11/03, 25/03
Self-Compassion WorkshopThrough this self-compassion workshop, psychologist Lydia Castiglione will introduce the benefits of comforting and caring for yourself when you go through challenging times, such as burnout, and give you practical tools to bring more self-compassion into your life. for more details and to register.

20 euro
Restorative YogaAn introductory session of restorative yoga, with Isabel Carbajal. 25 euro.

*FR* Le restorative yoga (ou yoga régénérateur) déteint le corps et calme le esprit. La pratique est centrée sur la relaxation comme antidote au stress et à ses conséquences néfastes. Ici, pas de stretching ni d’efforts musculaires, mais des postures douces et soutenues qui invitent à la détente et mobilisent ainsi les fonctions régénératrices du corps. Parce qu’il aide à rééquilibrer le système nerveux, le yoga régénérateur est une pratique puissante pour faire face au burn-out. 

Cet atelier s’adresse à des femmes qui frôlent ou traversent un burn-out. Le but est de découvrir les bienfaits du yoga régénérateur et se familiariser avec les bases. Les participants apprendront comment installer chez soi une mini-pratique quotidienne avec l’intention de trouver en soi le calme et l’ancrage nécessaires pour avancer.

*EN* Restorative yoga calms the body and slows the mind. The practice focuses on relaxation as an antidote to stress and its harmful consequences. Here, no stretching or muscular effort, but gentle and sustained postures that invite relaxation and thus mobilize the regenerative functions of the body. Because it helps rebalance the nervous system, regenerative yoga is a powerful practice for dealing with burnout.

This workshop is aimed at women who are close to or going through burnout. The goal is to discover the benefits of regenerative yoga and become familiar with the basics. Participants will learn how to set up a daily mini-practice at home with the intention of finding within oneself the calm and grounding necessary to move forward.
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