Walk and Talk

We called it walk and talk because that describes what it is, but actually you don’t have to do either. The walk part is to encourage us all to move our bodies. When we’re exhausted we are not necessarily ready for an intense workout session, but moving out of our buzzing heads and into ourContinue reading “Walk and Talk”

La Rentrée

How was your summer? It’s the question of the moment, but how are you answering? ‘Great! Really had a chance to disconnect…’ ?‘Oh you know, the kids were a handful but we survived’ ?‘It was so good, but already feels so long ago!’ ? Some people are keen to get back into a more regularContinue reading “La Rentrée”

Réussir son burn-out

(Français plus bas) The importance of coming to terms with one’s story when it comes to burnout is evidenced in different ways, but it is a theme that continues to come back. The book “Réussir son burn-out” was brought to my attention by a coach based in Paris, who wondered whether I might like toContinue reading “Réussir son burn-out”

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