The Path Beyond Burnout

Having experienced burnout, we understand that there are many elements that make up the recovery and that these can need more or less time, depending on the individual and their circumstances.

Madame Papillon can accompany you along the way. The route we suggest is outlined below – take a look and contact us for a first conversation.

The first thing to do is to come and see us, explain where you are and let us point you in the direction of the information and support that you need.

Next, if you’re ready, you can join a discussion group. These small groups are led by a psychologist and aim to start you on your path beyond burnout.

Make links with others
Rebuild self-confidence

Creative workshops aim to help you get out of your usual routine, teach you something new and encourage you to have fun!

It is not just women going through burnout who benefit from sharing their experiences. Their loved ones can also find a weight lifted from their shoulders by exchanging with people going through similar situations.

Exchange Cafe


We have gathered together all the information that could possibly help a woman going through burn out in Brussels. These pages will be regularly updated so if you see something missing, let us know!

Practical Help: Links to health professionals and organisations in Belgium.

Wellbeing: Links to coaches and women offering services to support other women.

To Read: Books and Articles

To Watch: Films and Documentaries

To Listen To: Podcasts and Talks

Burnout Stories: Women who have been through burnout share their experiences

Give Back

Once you’re successfully out of the other side of burnout, you may wish to help others join you.

If you would like to join the team of volunteers that supports the Madame Papillon community, get in touch. We will be happy to talk through the options with you.

Check out other volunteering opportunities with Eupatria.

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