Our Partners

The Madame Papillon partners are a large and supportive group of people and organisations who contribute in one way or another to the successful functioning of our community.

Haricot Magique, photo by RSJ

Haricot Magique

Brussels’ first Baby Cafe, a veritable parental support network as well as a cosy well-equipped cafe with everything a family could need for a good time out.

Our hosts in SeeU, the biggest temporary occupation in Belgium with 100 projects related to social and sustainable innovation.

Gabriela Doicaru-Spencer

Gabriela Doicaru-Spencer

I’m Gabriela; a coach, a laughter yoga facilitator, a trainer passionate about serious games pedagogy, and sometimes a writer.

I am a simple person who supports other people in their personal journey through coaching, training based on ludo-pedagogy (serious games) and … laughter yoga.

I am a coach in continuous training, supporting all those in search of meaning, well-being and balance in their personal or professional life. I am a big fan of psychology literature and I am curious about stress management techniques, the connection between body and mind and anything that promotes general well-being.

After noticing the benefits of laughter on my physical and emotional wellbeing, I decided to train as LAUGHTER yoga facilitator. And since April 2020, I have been facilitating online laughter yoga sessions to support mental health during the pandemic.

When I’m not reading books about coaching and psychology, I play with colors whilst painting intuitively, I take flamenco classes and I develop my literary pen (either on the blog or by publishing in various magazines). I express what my mind keeps telling me. And sometimes, I just have fun, because what is life without a bit of laughter?

Ikram Tahere

Ikram Tahere

I am Ikram Tahere, clinical psychologist, specialist in parental burnout, with a master’s degree in clinical psychology with a humanist orientation and in health psychology from UCL.

With my experience at the stress clinic in Brugmann where professional burnout is one of the most frequent complaints, I trained in a comprehensive approach to this suffering; a physiological, cognitive, psychological and bodily approach, through individual and group therapy. An experience that still leaves me today with the passion for interdisciplinary work.

Later, I gained 8 years of non-profit experience with women and their children. Support for parenthood, support group, initiation to sophrology, psycho-social support, lifelong education; this rich experience has confirmed the pleasure I get from working with women.

Recently, I took training in parental burnout with Moïra Mikolajzack and Isabelle Roskam, who are international leaders in the field at the Catholic University of Louvain. Inspiring women (again!). I share with them this desire to warn, prevent and cure parental burnout, which is still too taboo in our societies.

A perpetual desire to bring the latest advances in the field of psychological support to my practice, I am starting a new life coach training at UCL in September, in order to be even better equipped to support patients. in their journey towards well-being.

At the same time, I have a private practice in a medical center in Laeken.

I am focused on caring and listening because the helping relationship is a passion for me. I have a keen eye for observation and a taste for human contact thanks to my training and my experience in working with families and women and their children in particular.

Aware that interdisciplinary work is often essential, I maintain privileged contacts with general practitioners.

I speak French and Arabic.

Isabel Carbajal

Isabel Carbajal

A translator by profession and passionate about dance since my childhood, I began to walk the yoga path in 2005. At that time, my body, torn between the long hours spent in front of the computer and the demands of dance lessons, complained about my back, while my mind raced to help me manage a busy day. Yoga entered my life through the back door, but this hour of happiness, from which I left calm and gathered, soon took hold of me. For years, I continued to practice with curiosity and gratitude with many teachers, and the practice began to take up more space in my life. In 2016, I started my first teacher training to go further in my personal journey, and it was only then that the desire to share, and therefore to teach, came to me.

It was during this time that I discovered restorative yoga. The power of this gentle practice on my overactive nature struck me from day one, and I quickly chose to train myself to teach. A choice that turned out to be useful, since regenerative yoga would help me get through burnout three years later. Since then, sharing this practice has played an important role in my teaching. I give group lessons and also, for a more in-depth follow-up, individual sessions in Brussels.

More information: www. yogavana.be

Lydia Castiglione

Lydia Castiglione

I am Lydia, clinical psychologist and mum of a toddler. I am extremely fascinated by the life and role of humans. Man as an individual, as a parent and as a member of a group. And what it means to be human, if you balance nicely in authenticity, in connection with each other and with nature. If you evolve from survival and keeping your head above water, to discovering and creating in expression, including word, art and dance. Understanding our potential goes hand in hand with understanding our obstacles such as psychotrauma, intergenerational transfers, stress, inequality, social demands, … anything that actually makes us feel unsafe and puts our nervous system under pressure. As a result, complaints and inappropriate behavior, whether or not clinical in nature, can come to the surface. Supported by mind-body insights from neuropsychology, our nervous system and fresh new parenting ideas such as natural parenting, conscious parenting, parenting from within & AP (attachment parenting) you can educate more freely and authentically and at the same time help your (inner) child all the chances to give. Science does not stand still, I am always working to acquire more knowledge and skills to build in safety so that people can place their gift in the world. Where science stops, the philosophy from east to west gives us an extra push to realize our potential. And at the same time, we still don’t know very much about this complex world, and I humbly watch how our quest in life is more special than purpose.

More information: http://www.lydia-castiglione.be

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